Fact or Fiction?

Posted on October 10, 2012


Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.  Which do you trust?

I’m referring to the websites, not the candidates.  At this point I could really care less about which one wins the election.  Romney’s comes off as a rich white guy who’s out of touch with society.  Obama comes off as an elitist who thinks he knows how I should spend my money.  And really, let’s be honest here, this election is about how we spend our money.  Every election has been about this, in one form or another, because property has always been the most concrete way of measuring a person’s wealth in and contribution to a society.  Setting that aside…  My most recent complaint about our political system deals with honesty.

So, what source do your trust for your information?

Well you can’t trust political ads.  Aside from the obvious bias, it’s often too easy to see where they applied the principle of “cut-and-paste” to get the message they want, usually to make their opponent look bad.  You can’t trust reporters or journalists because they don’t report on anything; they just provide commentary about who scored more points in the polls.  Really, take a moment to do a Google search for news about the election.  I’m willing to bet that more than half of the results is commentary on the election and not actual news.  In other words, news agencies aren’t reporting on proposed policies and they aren’t telling us what the candidates are saying about anything substantial: they’re giving us their opinion about who’s “winning” right now.

Wow, that’s like, totally relevant…

So you can’t trust political ads or reporters.  Can you trust the candidates and their websites?  No.  And I shouldn’t have to explain why.

Can you trust “independent” sites, like PolitiFact.com or FactCheck.org?  Well, that depends.  For the most part I’m inclined to trust these sites because they provide well written and clear analysis of political issues.  But if you add the word “bias” to a Google search for the website, you’ll find at least a dozen pages off the bat that claim these sites have just as much bias as any other media outlet.

I don’t know that I’m going anywhere with this.  I’m just sick and tired of the constant bullshit that comes from everyone.  I’d like to vote for someone in this election; I’d like to think that my contribution counts for something; I’d like to believe.  But I can’t because I’ve lost all faith in mankind.