Posted on February 16, 2012


Okay.  This is ridiculous.  The President’s health care legislation requires that health care plans offer contraceptives.  That’a good; if someone wants contraceptives, they should be able to get it.

What about religious organizations?  Well, recognized churches are exempt, based on their religious beliefs.  (I say recognized because there are some religions that our government doesn’t accept.  I’m looking at you, Jedi…)  But what about non-church, religious employers?

If you follow the news, you know what I’m talking about: a Christian university isn’t currently exempt from the contraceptive mandate.  But it should be.  Now, I’m not advocating that any business that claims religious affiliation should be allowed to do whatever.  But at the sane time, there shouldn’t be a debate about it.  If an employer is allowed to discriminate employment based on beliefs, then they can do the same over health care options.

What’s that?  Employer’s are allowed to discriminate?  Yes, they are: religious organizations often subject employees to tests or questioning to ensure they remain in line with the employer.  It makes no sense for a Christian university to employ a Buddhist (except maybe as an expert on Buddhism).  Now, I also understand that employees can fight an employer’s decision if there’s a good reason for it.  That’s fine.  But religious organizations have the luxury of making decisions based on their beliefs.

The point is that there’s a precedent in place for resolving the contraceptive debate.  It’s a simple answer.  It lets religious groups retain their autonomy.  Why the hell can’t the President let it go?  That it’s still being discussed suggests that something else is going on, which only gives the ultra-Conservatives unneeded ammunition.