I am fat…

Posted on October 25, 2011


At least that’s what I think.  My wife disagrees, bless her heart, but she doesn’t register my weight and fitness the same way I do; and I have to look at it differently, being in the military and all.  So I’ve started yet another project for myself: I’m increasing my workout routine to every day, instead of when I feel like it, and I’m collecting data after every session so I know how I’m doing.  Unlike other blogs, though, I won’t post pictures of my progress until I’ve acquired enough to show some improvement.  Yes, there’s a vanity element (more like embarrassment), and yes, I know that I’m not as overweight as some bloggers.  Still, I feel awkward about posting too much personal information on the ‘net; maybe I’m just paranoid.

In the meantime, I’ll write this about my project: I’m using the P90X training program, but not the diet guide.  This time last year I was engaged in daily training, and I was eating pretty much whatever my body wanted to eat.  Over the course of four months I lost twenty pounds and improved my run time by a minute and a half.  I’m confident that though I’m pushing 30, I can still live and work like I was 20 (or 25, since I never lived or worked like this when I was 20).  This means eating what I want, but putting in an hour to an hour-and-a-half workout each day.  And once I start my new job, I’ll have access to a gym, so I should be able to add proper weight training and maybe (if I’m lucky) a martial arts schedule.

I know.  All this on top of my other projects.  The truth, I’ve found, is that I feel more productive when I’m swamped with work.  Thus I’ve taken on a writing project (Crossing the ‘Verse), a board game project (Zombie Roller Derby), a new job as a prison guard, a workout routine, and my usual cooking and fathering duties.

I think it’s the cooking, in part, that’s contributed to my weight issue.  I currently have spaghetti, pulled BBQ chicken, tilapia, pickled eggs, bagels & cream cheese, and several other food items in my fridge.  The plus side is that it’s all homemade; no trans fats, no fast food, and all that good stuff.  The down side is that it’s so darn good, I have a hard time just eating a little; and I don’t want it to go to waste.  True, I have a family, but a pregnant wife doesn’t eat the same thing I do, and my child is less than two years old, so she doesn’t eat much.

Bit of advice when it comes to food, especially during the Holiday season: if you’re going to cook something special and fresh (like pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, or cranberry sauce), make sure you read the recipe at least twice.  I’ve had to toss two sets of pumpkin seeds because the recipe wasn’t explicit enough regarding cooking times or preparation requirements.  And if I get another pumpkin, I’ll probably try again, despite the amount of time that goes into it.

I think I’ve probably rambled enough for this post.  If I were inclined to read it over before publishing, I’d probably find lots of problems with it.  So I won’t; and that’s why you get what you get.

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