Caution: Adult Content

Posted on April 30, 2011


Got your attention, didn’t it?

The other day at work was a “bring-your-child-to-work” party.  (Bear with me here.)  Management set up an event where employees (those not working that morning) could bring their families to work and participate in games, activities, socializing, and free food.  But the front of the store wasn’t open, so people had to enter through the back door.  That meant they were walking through the back of the store, where the rest of us were working, and listening to the radio, because that’s what we do in the morning.  The station playing was a local one that normally had classic rock, but in the morning they air a talk radio show called “the Man Cow.”  I would describe the host as a dumbed-down, extreme right-wing version of Howard Stern.  I say this because he was interviewing a “sex-worker” (i.e. prostitute or porn star) about her work, her life, her childhood, and an event called a “Sexpo,” a sort of convention for the sex industry.  This is what we were listening to as we worked.  And as people walked through.  With their kids.

And no one said a thing.  This is particularly surprising because, more often than not, when someone turns on the Man Cow, it’s only a matter of minutes before someone else compains and the switch stations.  But on this day, everyone chose to listen quietly as the host spoke about ugly porn stars, abusive fathers, and the general decline of American society, in rather graphic detail I might add.

Then again, I also didn’t say anything.  Maybe I didn’t because I was laughing too much.  Which means I was enjoying the awkward irony of it all.  Guess that doesn’t say much about me…

In other news, it appears that Donald Trump isn’t as much of an idiot as he may seem.  Sure he did some stupid stuff, said some crazy things, but there was a point to it all.  Really, there was.  I’ll prove it.  See, even though President Obama’s office had released information about a legitimate birth certificate (on more than one ocassion), Mr. Trump insisted that they had not done so, or that what was released was a fake or a decoy.  I asked the question, “What is wrong with this guy?”  He’s clearly too smart to be falling in for this buffoonery.  He must be doing it for the publicity, because he’ll never seriously run for President.  He’s just going to pull a Ross Perot, get noticed, then go back to television.

I was wrong.  After Trump did what he did, the President responded with this announcement.  Mr. Trump has shown the world that he can make the American President react.  Trump held out a bone and Obama jumped for it.  He pulled the strings and made the President dance.  I believe I may have underestimated Donald Trump, and am now looking forward to seeing what he’ll do next.