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Posted on October 31, 2010


I got an e-mail.  It was a chain e-mail; not strictly speaking, because it didn’t ask for money or claim to give good luck if forwarded to twenty people within twenty minutes of receipt.  But it’s content is the sort of thing that people read, think, “Hell yeah!” and send to their friends.  And that’s what I thought.  And I even started to forward it.

I stopped when I realized that I have over two hundred addresses to choose from.  Thanks, gmail…

Then I paused to think about what I was reading.  I agree with it.  I think it’s very profound.  Parts of it resonate with truth.  But it claims to have been written by Ben Stein, and while I know he’s a very smart, (dare I say it?) wise man, I wasn’t convinced that he had penned this particular collection of thoughts.  So I did the research, and it turns out he didn’t.  He wrote half of it.  The other half can’t be attributed to anyone in particular.

You have to love the internet.  Then again, given the authenticity of encyclopedias, this sort of thing seems inevitable.

Take a moment to read the comments, from both sites.  In the end, I agree with every word.  I’m not convinced in the extreme sense of the message.  I don’t believe in a “war on Christmas.”  But I have met people who have practically assaulted my beliefs, if only because I believe.  This is a great nation, where people can think and say what they want.  Not every country allows its people to do that.  But anyone who chooses to exercise their freedom with rancor and hatred for others is just plain wrong.  So every once in a while, we need to stand up to those people and tell them to sit down and shut up.

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