I’m not one to gush…

Posted on June 3, 2010


But my daughter knows how to relax.

We visited relatives this Memorial Day weekend, and it was hot outside.  When it gets really hot, my wife gets cranky.  Eva’s inherited Julie’s dislike for hot weather.  Both of them are natural furnaces (after an hour of sleep, both are putting out enough BTUs to run a home furnace).  Therefore, I do everything in my power to help them cool down.

Thank God for a poolside dip.

She may not look too keen about her situation, but I assure you she’s loving it.  I know because she has the same look when we give her a bath at home.  And if further proof is needed:

Indeed, we could all learn a valuable lesson about relaxing from her.

That was the weekend.  The week is turning out to be about as good.  I got some career advice from someone I respect.  His career is sort of what I want mine to be: he has a family and he’s writing his books.  Granted, it took him several years to get published, so in some respect I don’t want to be him.  I want to get published sooner.  He gave me some good advice; it’s given me a lot to think about.  Things like whether or not to pursue graduate school.  His experience wasn’t as much of a contribution to his career as he would have liked, and so I’m faced with a similar dilemma.

I also ran into a former professor, a man of great class and dignity.  And he remembered who I was.  Before I could even say “hello,” he was asking how things were going, even though I’d only taken two of his classes my freshman year.  And I think he invited me to play chess with him this summer.  I’ll have to look into it.

So I’m not normally one to gush, but I’m feeling the need.  I mean, holy wow, two professional heroes in as many hours.  It’s as if my blood is boiling over.  Thankfully I’ve got my family as an example of how to cool about things.

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