Lessons Learned

Posted on May 26, 2010


I finished college.  I received my commission in the National Guard.  I start training in the fall, for a total of four months.  I’m about a third of the way through my first novel, and I intend to finish it this summer.   But the most important thing is sitting right in front of me.

Correction: she’s lying on the floor in front of me, desperately trying to crawl.  This seems to be her routine.  She sleeps, wakes up, eats, burps (or spits up, depending on her mood, how I’m holding her, or the alignment of the stars), and lies on the floor, wiggling her butt and legs while making the most bizarre noises.  Seriously, my daughter has an exhausting vocabulary, and not a single syllable makes sense.  Her main goal is moving, in any way she can.  If this means climbing her daddy, or wiggling in circles, she’ll do it.

I have to admire her dedication to the task at hand.  Shes says, “I want to crawl,” and pushes her legs and flails her arms until she falls asleep.  She works every muscle to complete exhaustion.

Would that we were all so committed.

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